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After three years of researching his book What Customers Crave, founder Nicholas Webb realized that the customer experience industry was still using methods that were created back in the 1970s. In the connected economy, Nicholas realized that organizations needed to apply innovation and design principles to the way in which they create exceptional customer experiences… so the journey began and cravve was founded. We are very different than the competitive field in the area of customer experience. We are first and foremost strategists, as we do not sell software, data analytics or any other products to our clients. This allows us to be completely agnostic so that we can prescribe the most affordable and effective solutions to our customers that deliver proven and measurable value. We are Certified Management Consultants that understand all of the working parts of an enterprise. This allows us to work very effectively across the various organizational silos including finance, IT, marketing, logistics and operations. As thought leaders in the area of enterprise management, innovation and customer experience we have a massive body of research that ensures that we deliver exceptional returns on investment.

We are a small boutique firm that delivers very personalized service and every team member is an owner and therefore highly vested in the quality that we provide. Were not about charts and graphs and 300 page reports. We focus on delivering measurable results to help our organization’s lead their industry in customer satisfaction, retention and excellence… plain and simple.


Nicholas Webb’s is certainly the most creative and innovative thinker I have met in my business career. My firm engaged Nicholas to help us identify consumer trends in our industry and use those findings to strategize our desired future state. We had many “Wow!” moments working with Nicholas, both in terms of the data he collected as well as the interpretation and use of the intelligence. Nicholas is passionate about the speed of change in the needs and wants of buyers. He has deep insight into the importance of innovation to stay ahead of the competition. To top it off Nicholas is practical, fun to work with, and always accessible. I highly recommend Nicholas Webb as THE expert.
Phil Sprick, HR Director at Service Corporation International

Michelle Lynn, Partner
I had the great honor of beginning my career as a manager working for Olivia Newton-John in her very popular Koala Blue retail stores. Witnessing exceptional customer service and a true commitment to customer engagement set my career in motion. For the past 20 years, I’ve had the great honor of working with some of the best brands in the world in helping them arrange their executive development and training programs around leadership, customer experience and innovation. My current role can best be described as my happy place, I love my customers, vendors and the great work I get to do each and every day.

Nicholas Webb, CEO
As the adage suggests, if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. I can’t think of a better way to frame up my daily reality. As a small boutique firm, we have no junior associates, so I have the great honor to work in the trenches with my brands to help them do amazing things. One day I may be launching the Indian Motorcycle with Polaris, providing customer experience training to McDonald’s, leading the Western Regional Conference for Blue Cross or addressing a massive crowd at training events in Dubai. My journey with Cravve can only be described as an amazing honor and I am looking forward to continuing my service to the best brands in the world.

What Customers Crave

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Our CEO has been honored to receive his listing as one of the Top 30 Global Gurus in Customer Service thought leadership. This prestigious award memorializes Nicholas Webb’s expertise in the area of customer experience design, customer experience, customer service insights and training.

There is perhaps no better honor than to be recognized as the Customer Experience CX Master. Our CEO has been honored by the prestigious SDL organization in recognition of his thought leadership contribution to the customer experience and customer service industry.