As a professional speaker many of my colleagues are shocked that I would suggest that meeting planners use a professional speaker bureau to find a professional speaker. In my 20 years experience as a professional speaker that is listed with all the top speaker bureaus in the world. I have found that a good speaker bureau provides the meeting planner three key benefits. First – they do the heavy lifting to search the world for the best possible and perhaps more importantly the most relevant speaker to connect to the strategy of the event. Second – they know professional speakers reputations and that really helps manage the risk for the meeting planner. Third – the meeting planner doesn’t pay for this highly valuable service, the professional speaker does. Okay fellow speakers, I know what you’re thinking… there is a lot of bad bureaus out there that do nothing more than get in the way. In my experience bad bureaus don’t last long as this is a small industry and if you’re bad the news travels fast. I’m honored to work with great bureaus even when they don’t choose me as one of their options. I know that they have first and foremost an obligation to select the best speaker for their meeting planner clients.