The Internet of Home (IoH)
As a Futurist and innovation Speaker I have the great honor of aggregating a wide range of trends specific to an industry. Recently I spoke at the EXS conference where I shared my four predictions on the big future trends within home and business security. I believe that there is currently a fast-moving battle as to who will own the language and the platform for the Internet of Home (IoH) the three biggest contenders are Google, Amazon and Apple in my opinion. We are also going to see a rapid expansion of technologies that anticipate potential alarm events leveraging cognitive computing and multiple low-cost stacked sensors. One of the biggest trends will be what I call interventional security a good example is this is where the homeowner or business owner can intervene by engaging a potential perpetrator prior to an alarm event. Additionally anticipatory security will leverage big data and connected devices to develop risk scenarios to help validate alarm incidents while preventing many alarm incidents. The industry loves the monitoring model because it’s extremely profitable. Unfortunately however consumers do not see the value in monitoring and ultimately this model will be aggressively attacked by low-cost and no-cost alternatives.