All of our Customer Service Training Programs
are customized for your industry and organization, that’s why we deliver the best return on investment.

Exceptional customer service skills require a customized approach towards handcrafting a customer service training initiative that delivers return on investment. All of our customer service training programs are customized to fit the unique culture and market drivers of our clients.


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Organizations know, that in the hyper-competitive marketplace, delivering exceptional customer experiences is critical to their businesses success. Studies prove that great training results in great customer experiences. Therefore, if training is critical… and of course it is! How do you find the best training program for your organization?


Customer Service Skills Team Training… With a TwistIncludes (SotC)® Certification
There are hundreds of customer service training programs available on the market that deliver a generic one-size-fits-all approach towards customer service training. Unfortunately, however, these programs deliver minimal value to your organization because the training program is not relevant to your stakeholders or your customer. All of our training programs are completely customized to address the needs, problems and opportunities that are unique to your organization and the customers you serve. Our programs also include the Soul of The Customer® Certification.

Customer Experience Management TrainingIncludes (SotC)® Certification
Managing customer experience and customer service is the new core competency for successful executives. Our training programs will turn executives into Customer Experience Superstars. All of our executive development programs can be customized to fit the unique needs of your organization. Our programs can be delivered through on-site training, coaching, off-sites and a wide range of other training delivery options. The focus of our program includes the development of a customer centric culture, enterprise collaboration, engagement, innovation, real-time customer insights and the development of a full range of success measurements. Our programs also include the Soul of The Customer® Certification.

Events, Off-sites, On-sites and Online Training OptionsIncludes (SotC)® Certification
Our goal is to provide the most Affordable training, that also delivers the Best Results in the customer experience and customer service training industry. In order to achieve this, we have developed a wide range of training options to fit the unique and special needs of our wide range of clients. Remember that all of our training programs are 100% customized for your organization and we leverage the best body of research in the area of customer experience and customer service.

What Customers Crave

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Our CEO has been honored to receive his listing as one of the Top 30 Global Gurus in Customer Service thought leadership. This prestigious award memorializes Nicholas Webb’s expertise in the area of customer experience design, customer experience, customer service insights and training.

There is perhaps no better honor than to be recognized as the Customer Experience CX Master. Our CEO has been honored by the prestigious SDL organization in recognition of his thought leadership contribution to the customer experience and customer service industry.


Nicholas Webb’s is certainly the most creative and innovative thinker I have met in my business career. My firm engaged Nicholas to help us identify consumer trends in our industry and use those findings to strategize our desired future state. We had many “Wow!” moments working with Nicholas, both in terms of the data he collected as well as the interpretation and use of the intelligence. Nicholas is passionate about the speed of change in the needs and wants of buyers. He has deep insight into the importance of innovation to stay ahead of the competition. To top it off Nicholas is practical, fun to work with, and always accessible. I highly recommend Nicholas Webb as THE expert.
Phil Sprick, HR Director at Service Corporation International