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When it comes to hiring a keynote or conference speaker you have many choices. So how do you select the right speaker for your event? There are three key things you should be looking for prior to signing on the dotted line with a professional speaker. First – is the speaker a true subject matter expert? Seems like an obvious question but most organizations focus on the talk rather than the thought leadership. Audiences are demanding thought leaders that have significant success stories behind their talks. The ultimate goal is to find an engaging speaker that also has the success pedigree to deliver the credibility that audiences demand. Secondly, you should never select a keynote or conference speaker that delivers a canned speech. You should only work with professional speakers that are willing to go through a comprehensive pre-event process to make sure they connect their talk with the strategy of your event. Lastly, you should never hire a speaker until you of arranged a pre-booking call that verifies that your speaker knows your business, the subject and has the ability to deliver the best possible returns on investment. Nicholas Webb is one of the world’s top innovation, healthcare, customer experience and business futurist speakers. He is listed with the top speaking bureaus in the world and he consistently delivers handcrafted exceptional talks to some of the best brands in the world. To arrange a pre-booking conference with speaker Nicholas Webb visit our website at