After well over two years of research on the new science of Customer Experience (CX) Design, I have completely changed my worldview of every consumer experience I witness. Recently during a gathering of top executives in the hospitality industry I conducted a Hospitality Hackathon, and I discovered something very interesting. Many executives within hospitality view themselves as property managers, rather than Guest Experience Designers. This philosophical view may seem trivial, but it’s not! In researching my upcoming book “What Customers Crave” I discovered that the best organizations in the world had a true “Customer Centric” view of their business. I found that organizations that were failing miserably had a squarely operational and internalized view of their business. During the Hospitality Hackathon I facilitated last week, I witnessed great organizations beginning to look at their business with the granularity necessary to develop perfect guest experiences across each of the Five Touch Points, in both Digital and Non-digital channels, across a range of Guest Personas. In my next blog post I will be providing a personal account of what the perfect guest experience looks like from a recent visit to Squaw Creek Resort in Lake Tahoe. This case example shows not just how to create perfect experiences in hospitality, it also, perhaps more importantly shows you how to turn bad experiences into customers for life.