Go beyond User Experience (UX) Design and drill down to Customer Experience (CX) design. A common mistake that digital entrepreneurs make is they forget to humanize their site, because they’re so focused on designing a digital experience, they forget the “human factor” to their peril. User Experience (UX) speaks to essentially digital ergonomics and how a site visitor will engage your technology, whereas Customer Experience speaks to how you identify your customers in a way that drives stickability, engagement and ultimately sales. So how do you do this? Break your customers into 4 to 5 “Customer Types” based on what they love and what they hate about the product or service you’re selling. Architect compelling language and programs that speaks to the entire range of customer types. You should also build customer journey maps, so that you can understand how your entire range of customers travel through the various experiences of research, drill down, purchase and post purchase of your products and services. By doing this you will identify new ways to deliver exceptional value. In a world driven by social ratings and digital reputation good is no longer good enough. Exceptional digital entrepreneurs are leveraging the power of Customer Experience Design.

Nicholas J. Webb is a world-renowned Customer Experience Designer and a partner at Cravvewww.whatcustomerscrave.com a consulting firm that works with some of top brands world. His upcoming book What Customers Crave will be available in bookstores worldwide this October.