The “Crave List” catalogs 20 of the best companies in America that deliver Exceptional Customer Experience

In my new book, I catalog the anatomical features of some of the best companies in America. More importantly I describe how the best organizations in the world are leading their markets through Customer Experience (CX) Innovation. After three years of research, I discovered the “Three Key Dimensions” that drive the success of the best brands in the world. The dimensions include, how organizations understand the range of Customers Types they serve, how they deliver experiences in both Digital and Non-Digital Channels and how they architect beautiful experiences across a Well-Defined Customer Journey. Are these businesses perfect? NO, but what’s interesting about this list is that these organizations live in very competitive market segments, that are complex and frankly fraught with massive opportunities to fail.

In other words these are great businesses in very tough industries. You will note that this list is also somewhat eccentric, ranging from lipstick to hamburgers. I intentionally architected this list to give examples across a wide range of industry categories on how it is possible to be exceptional in any market or industrial segment. I know what your thinking! I have better companies that I could recommend for this list. I get it, there are several additional companies that I wanted to include in the list but they were only good at a few touch points, or they were good at digital experiences and not physical experiences, or in some cases they were just simply slightly better than the prevailing business norm. These organizations were selected based on social analytics, employee ratings and other internal factors contrasted against a body of research on what makes up great organizations. I’ve included some additional information about those anatomical features to help frame up why I selected these amazing businesses. I will also drill down on each of these great companies in future posts. one last disclaimer on this list. This list is just my opinion, therefore it is debatable across other expert opinions. The point of this list is to give examples of organizations that are winning by leveraging the power of Customer Experience Design.

Below is my list of the anatomical features of the best organizations in the world:

These organizations have great leadership with a genuine commitment to their stakeholders and customers alike

These organizations had deep insights about how customers experienced them across a range of customer personas, throughout well-defined customer touch points and in both digital and non-digital channels

These organizations transmuted their keen insights about their customers into meaningful and actionable customer driven innovations

Team members are given the authority and the tools to make great decisions about how they deliver customer experiences and resolve problems

These organizations collaborate across the enterprise, and in many cases they leverage internal social networks powered by game mechanics and socialization

Perhaps most importantly, these organizations had a clear and well defined mission to be a customer centric enterprise. This mission is a sincere leadership commitment and was well branded internally

Team members were motivated by being recognized and in some cases compensated for gaining special customer insights, creating new experience innovations and delivering on the promise of customer experience excellence

Nicholas is a Senior Partner at Cravve a Customer Experience Design Firm. His book, “What Customers Crave” will be available October 14th, 2016 in bookstores worldwide and is available now on Amazon for pre-order. Nicholas also speaks around the world on technology, innovation and the future of business