In a few weeks I’ll be announcing the Crave Top 20 list. This list is based on the research I did while writing my upcoming book What Customers Crave. As I began to aggregate the infrastructure requirements for delivering exceptional customer experiences I found that these seven components were always alive and well in the best organizations in the world.

The Anatomy of the Crave Top 20

When we set out to find the best organizations in the country that routinely deliver exceptional experiences, we discovered that they all had these special characteristics or what we call CX Leadership Anatomical Features.


These organizations have great leadership with a genuine commitment to their stakeholders and customers alike.


These organizations had deep insights about how customers experienced them across a range of customer personas, throughout well-defined customer touch points and in both digital and non-digital channels.


These organizations transmuted their keen insights about their customers into meaningful and actionable customer driven innovations.


Team members are given the authority and the tools to make great decisions about how they deliver customer experiences and resolve problems.


These organizations collaborate across the enterprise, and in many cases they leverage internal social networks powered by game mechanics and socialization.


Perhaps most importantly, these organizations had a clear and well defined mission to be a customer centric enterprise. This mission is a sincere leadership commitment and was well branded internally.


Team members were motivated by being recognized and in some cases compensated for gaining special customer insights, creating new experience innovations and delivering on the promise of customer experience excellence.

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