In researching my upcoming book What Customers Crave I discovered several interesting common pitfalls in the area of customer experience and customer service. It turns out that most organizations believe that the key to their customer service success is to train their teams to “be nice to the customer” YIKES! Now keep in mind that these organizations have no formal customer experience strategy, they often have several customer punitive policies and little or no idea who there customers are. It turns out that the best organizations begin with gaining actionable insights across five well-defined customer touch points in both digital and nondigital channels. Perhaps more importantly, they do the heavy lifting to identify the various customer types they serve so that they can invent better human experiences that are relevant across each and every customer type, throughout their entire journey in both digital and nondigital channels. I discovered that this is the common thread that ran through the best businesses on the planet.

In researching the book I realize that there was a void that needed to be filled in providing a turnkey solution to help organizations build out bulletproof customer experience strategies. For more on Boomē here’s a short video