About Nick Webb

Nicholas Webb is a world-renowned innovation thought leader. Nicholas has been awarded over 45 patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office for breakthrough technologies including one of first wearable technologies and one of the world’s smallest medical implants. Nicholas is known by many as the “Innovation Evangelist”, he speaks around the world on the future of the economy, innovation and healthcare. Nicholas has just been awarded his Doctorate of Humane Letters (Hon.) from a top Southern California medical school, Western University of Health Sciences for his contribution to healthcare.

The danger of being good at customer experience

After three months of researching some of the best organizations on the planet. I discovered some very interesting things. My biggest discovery was that most organizations operated at the center of the CX Gauge what I call the "Baseline of Customer Expectation (BCE). In other words these organizations identified "what customers wanted" and they "delivered [...]

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Hacking Hospitality

After well over two years of research on the new science of Customer Experience (CX) Design, I have completely changed my worldview of every consumer experience I witness. Recently during a gathering of top executives in the hospitality industry I conducted a Hospitality Hackathon, and I discovered something very interesting. Many executives within hospitality view [...]

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The basics of building a Guest Experience (GX) design

According to virtually all consumer data the overwhelming majority of guests of hotels and lodges are unimpressed with their stay. These very customers complain wildly to friends and not surprisingly powerful social rating platforms including yelp and trip advisor. Despite the fact that their very guests have told them what they hate most hotels and [...]

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The Internet of Home (IoH)

The Internet of Home (IoH) As a Futurist and innovation Speaker I have the great honor of aggregating a wide range of trends specific to an industry. Recently I spoke at the EXS conference where I shared my four predictions on the big future trends within home and business security. I believe that there is currently [...]

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Introduction the What Customers Crave Podcast Series

This podcast has been produced to provide real-world actionable insights on how to drive revenue, profit and customer experience using the latest science of customer experience design. This episode is a brief introduction to the upcoming series. Each podcast is about 15 min. long and is specifically designed to give you the most amount of [...]

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My commencement speech after receiving my Doctorate in Humane Letters

  I would like to thank this incredible institution, The Board of Trustees, Provost, Deans, and Faculty for the unbelievable honor to have received my honorary Doctorate Degree today.   It is also a great honor to have the opportunity to present today to this brilliant graduating class, their families and supporters. Now that I’m [...]

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Trust me I’m a Doctor

It was a tremendous honor to have received my Doctorate Degree in Humane Letters (hon.) last week during the commencement celebration at the Western University of Health Sciences. I was so impressed with the great work they're doing turning out exceptional doctors with a sincere passion for serving their patients.  

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Customer Service Training Tips

Customer service training that provides sustainable results needs to be customized to the uniqueness of your organization, the types of customers you serve, the channels that you deliver value in both digital and nondigital and you must develop exceptional experiences above the customers expectation at each of the five customer touch points. Customer service training programs [...]

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Why we exist

I started only with Michelle after researching the current state of customer experience across virtually every industrial vertical. One thing was clear most customer experiences are bad and despite good intentions most organizations have no bloody idea on how to fix it. Sadly many organizations are sold a one-size-fits-all solution and predictably those solutions fail [...]

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Beyond customer service training

In researching my upcoming book What Customers Crave I discovered several interesting common pitfalls in the area of customer experience and customer service. It turns out that most organizations believe that the key to their customer service success is to train their teams to "be nice to the customer" YIKES! Now keep in mind that [...]

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