After three months of researching some of the best organizations on the planet. I discovered some very interesting things. My biggest discovery was that most organizations operated at the center of the CX Gauge what I call the “Baseline of Customer Expectation (BCE). In other words these organizations identified “what customers wanted” and they “delivered what the customer wanted” and not surprisingly they thought that was what was required. At some level this makes sense, give the customer what they want, Duh. The problem with these organizations is that they were under the assumption that the BCE was good enough for most of their customers and the assumed that the BCE never really changed… wrong and wrong.

Being good for one customer does not a Customer Experience (CX) strategy make

A very common mistake that organizations make, is they think in terms of “the customer” and because they deliver a monolithic experience to the big bucket of so-called customers they fail every time. Our research has proved that organizations that identify customer persona types from the basis of what customers hate and what customers love, do a far better job of delivering more relevant and therefore more exceptional experiences across a range of customer personas.

The bar is always moving. Spoiler alert, the bar is always moving UP!

The baseline level of customer expectation has to be designed to be relevant across the complete line of your customer types as we discussed earlier. Then we have to think about the fact that hyper competition, the sharing economy, new enabling technologies a more demanding consumer is requiring that we constantly improve the customer experience across the five key customer touch points in both digital and nondigital experiences and throughout a wide range of customer personas. In other words customer experience is three-dimensional and it includes the customer, the channel and the journey. Get all three right and you will rule the universe!

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